Heralded as a premier performer and generous teacher, Jumanah has been teaching and performing professionally since 1998. Her charismatic charm and liquid movements have captivated audiences and students alike in Victoria, Vancouver, and Calgary. With her instinctive understanding of the soul of Middle Eastern music, she embodies the beauty and spirit of the art of "belly dance". Jumanah's performances are laced with a passionate yet playful personality, and her energetic style is a favourite at restaurants, haflas and stage shows around Western Canada. Although she is primarily known for her exquisite Raqs Sharqi, Jumanah has also studied many of the ethnic dances from the Middle East and North Africa, and her shows and presentations may include beautiful interpretations of Baladi, Sa'idi, Tunisian, Turkish Rom, Ghawazee, Tribal, and fusion styles.

Jumanah is the founder and artistic director for the Little Fish Belly Dance Company, an innovative dance company that seeks to expand the artistic realm of "belly dance" and encourages member participation in the development and presentation of new works.

Together with her assistant, Tammy-Lyn Edwards, Jumanah is the founder of the annual "Bellies for Breast Cancer", a fundraising dance show in support of the Alberta/Northwest Territories Chapter of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The premier show was held in June of 2005, and received rave reviews from both audience members and participants. To date, the annual event has raised $4,800 for the CBCF.

In December of 2005, Jumanah premiered the first annual Winter Spectacular, an all-levels show dedicated to bringing much needed financial assistance to a selected local charity, the Aspen Family and Community Network Society. To date, the Winter Spectacular has raised over $2,500, putting Jumanah and the Little Fish into Aspen's "Corporate Donors" category, and earning Jumanah an Aspen HOPE Award in 2006. The money goes towards Aspen's annual Gving the Holidays Back to the Families program, to bring a little extra holiday cheer to families in need.

Jumanah's continuing studies in human anatomy, physical anthropology, yoga, and Pilates give her an excellent understanding of the physical principals of movement. Her dance technique is sharp and precise, allowing her soul true freedom of expression. Jumanah's teaching style focuses on building a safe, solid base of technique upon which students can grow and expand their knowledge of dance. Jumanah continues to study with some of the preeminent dancers in the field, strengthening and adding to her already diverse repertoire.

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